20 Unique Ways to Propose

Let’s say you’ve finally gotten past the hassle of getting a ring. What are you going to do now? There are so many different ways you could propose to your partner, but which one do you pick? If you’re looking for something to inspire your creativity, look no further. Consider these 20 unique ways to propose to your partner!


Our ideas on ways to propose:
  1. Hire a band at a local place to play a song just for you, and have it lead up to your proposal.
  2. Graffiti your door/garage with the proposal on it!
  3. Pull out the ring while you’re skydiving. Just don’t drop it!
  4. Use fluorescent paint to write out your proposal on something of the same color – time your proposal so the lights go out and a blacklight shows your message.
  5. Bury the ring in a capsule at the beach (make sure someone keeps an eye on the spot afterward!) and “accidentally” find it during a sunset stroll.
  6. Organize a flash mob to make it look like time stops when you drop the knee.
  7. Leave a trail of notes for your partner to follow that leads to you with the ring. You decide where they wind up – maybe they stay in their apartment, maybe they go across town to yours!
  8. Go geocaching and make sure to stop by a cache you prepared yourself… with the ring in it!
  9. Sneak into their workplace (with permission, of course) and surprise them when they’re about to start work.
  10. Record your proposal, then show them “this cool video I found online”. At the end of the video, pull out the ring!
  11. If it’s fall, go shopping for pumpkins in a pumpkin patch, but have one ready for you to find with the proposal carved into it.
  12. Enlist the help of their pet by putting the ring onto their collar.
  13. Surprise them with a collage of your favorite photos together on their wall and a ring in your hand.
  14. Wait until you’re at the highest part of your favorite hike and propose with a great view behind you.
  15. Arrange for the waiter to bring the ring on a platter instead of dessert.
  16. Have your friends convince your partner to take part in a surprise birthday party for you… then show up behind them and make the surprise for them instead!
  17. Recreate your first date and drop the knee towards the end.
  18. Pop the question during a trip to a botanical garden.
  19. Spell out your proposal with rose petals on their  bed.
  20. Give them a Russian nesting doll as a present, but hide the ring in the last one!


Hopefully our ideas on ways to propose gave you some inspiration on how you want to pop the question yourself! If you’re still looking for the ring to go with the proposal, feel free to check out our guide of what not to do when shopping for an engagement ring.

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