Diamonds: The Real, the Fake, and the Synthetic – Do You Know the Difference?

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring, chances are you’re in the market for diamonds. Upon seeing the prices, though, you might be tempted to look into some different options. Maybe the diamond just needs to be smaller. Maybe she won’t mind if there isn’t a diamond at all. Does she really need a […]

Avoid These 8 Mistakes When Buying An Engagement Ring

Planning out your proposal can be stressful. Really stressful. And while you’re working hard to be sure she says yes, there’s one thing you’ll want to make sure is perfect for that moment – the diamond ring. But if this is your first time buying an engagement ring (let’s be honest, most of us don’t […]

Synthetic Diamonds: How Scientists Grow This Game-Changing Gem

Ever since De Beers popularized diamond engagement rings in the early 1900s, engagement rings have been an especially pricey investment. Originally, the man was expected to spend an entire month’s salary to buy the ring. With time, this expectation grew to two months. Today, some even claim it’s three. Is there a way to get […]